Friday, January 29, 2016

First Session of 2016: We Do a Sequel

One of the things that's happened here at WTIT that is rather unique is how we've morphed. In the past, when a DJ left somebody seemed to have a friend to step in. Johnnie Walker, who recently moved to Colorado is a case in point. He played little league with Gypsy Joe. On Joe's first night as a DJ, he brought Johnnie with him. We didn't know it, but that started the WTIT classic lineup. But now, instead of new friends joining in, it's old friends returning that fills the bill.

Bouncing Billy (left) recorded the very first tape with Bud and stayed with us from 1967-1985. Gregarious Greg (right) was the first DJ ever to take another DJ's (Gypsy Joe's) place. In 1974 this picture sums up the guys who were doing the most recording. Ironically, it was Johnnie Walker who introduced us to Greg. When Johnnie announced he was moving to Colorado, we asked Greg to join in his farewell.

Greg has returned to us a lot. He was the for our 10th, 20th, 30th & 40th anniversaries. He joined us to welcome Billy back. Then again to wish Johnnie a "bon voyage". We then asked Greg to return full time to replace Johnnie. Greg said yes.  Rather circular, don't you think? On this night we did a sequel to a show we recorded in 1974. That's the neat thing about WTIT. You just never know...

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