Tuesday, August 13, 1991

Outtake of 1991 WTIT DJ Staff pic

From left: Captain Morgan, Midnight Plowboy, Johnnie Walker, Rock Rolling, Bud Weiser holding the "Cos" Substitute for the Sanibel Golf trip.

Will Rock Spit? 1991

To the right of Rock: Midnight (pointing) Captain's laugh.

House of Hugs 1991

Johnnie Walker (left) & The Midnight Plowboy at WTIT's Walton Studio. The "hug" gave us a comedy bit when we saw the photo.

Captain Morgan 1991

Captain Morgan is either updating a forecast or calling Cos to come back and take his place. Captain took over from The Cosmic Commando in 1990 and recorded at WTIT through 1994. When WTIT did our 30th Anniversary Show & Party in 1997, ironically
it was indeed Cos back in his old chair.

Bud Weiser 1991

Bud in the Walton Studio.

Rock Rolling Official WTIT DJ Staff Pic 1991

At the Walton Studio.

Walton Studio 1991

From left: Midnight's right hand (He was having a bad hair day.) Rock Rolling, Captain Morgan and Bud Weiser.

Bud Weiser 1991

In the Walton Studio.

Thursday, July 4, 1991

Elvis Has Not Left the Building

The Midnight Plowboy in 1991 at the Walton Studio.

Midnight recorded at WTIT from 1988-1997. He can also be heard on the 40th Anniversary Show. He could not attend but called in and we chatted "on-air".