Friday, August 13, 1993

Rock Is Not a Happy Person 1993

In the Walton Studio Rock reacts.

Rock Rolling Strangles Captain Morgan 1993

After Rock served a 10 year sentence, he stopped killing other DJs.

The Midnight Plowboy 1993

Midight's Staff Picture from 1993. He is holding "Chili Beer". Every bottle had a chili pepper in it. It sucked. But we drank a lot of them...

Friday, March 5, 1993

WTIT in Hell's Kitchen: Staff DJs 1993

(from left) Bud, Midnight, Johnnie, Captain, Rock & Harvey

Wednesday, March 3, 1993

Jumping Johnnie Walker in 1993

Johnnie's Official Staff pic 1993.

Captain Morgan 1993

Captain joined WTIT to replace Cos in 1990. Captain recorded from 1990-1994. The photo is from "The Hell's Kitchen" Studio in New Britain. Trivia: Captain is a triplet. One of his brothers guest starred once as "Jose Cuervo" in 1992.

Bud Weiser 1993

Bud's Official DJ Staff Pic in 1993. WTIT recorded in the "Hell's Kitchen" Studio in New Britain through July 1994.
Bud Weiser and Harvey Wallbanger were roomates in New Britain.