Saturday, August 18, 2007

Waiting on a Friend

From left: Johnnie Walker, Greg Esthus and Rock Rolling ponder if Bud will set the camera correctly and join them in the group shot. Obviously here, he did not.

The WTIT 40th Anniversary Show: 2007

The Show was recorded on August 17, 2007. The reason this version of the photo has our names on it is that this shot was placed in the sidebar of WTIT: The Blog as we celebrated our 4oth Anniversary of Tape Radio in 2007.

Gregarious Greg 2007

At the 40th Anniversary Show. Greg began at WTIT in 1973 and took Killer Joe's place in 1974. Greg would record regularly from 1974 to 1976. Other than Johnnie Walker and Bud Weiser, Gregarious Greg is the only WTIT DJ to attend: The 10th Year Party; The 15th Anniversary Show; The 20th Anniversary Show; The 30th Anniversary Show and of course, here at the 40th.

Take One: The First WTIT 2007 Anniversary Shot

Laughing on the 40th Anniversary Tape

Well, the headline is not entirely true. We're laughing, it is our 40th, but we stop using tape in 1999. Left to Right: Jumping Johnnie Walker, Gregarious Greg Esthus and Bud Weiser.

Nice Seein' You

Rock Rolling (left) and Jumping Johnnie Walker hug while agreeing on some such nonsense.