Wednesday, August 13, 1986

Jack Daniels 1986

Jack Daniels taped with WTIT in 1974 and in 1986.

Bob Smirnoff in 1986

Bob, or as we affectionately called him at the time, "The Smir", recorded with WTIT from 1985 to 1987. He returned for the Tape 300 Party in 1988.

Bud Weiser 1986

Bud's Official WTIT DJ Staff photo in the Braeburn Studio.

Sunday, August 3, 1986

Cosmic Commando's Official WTIT DJ Staff Pic 1986

Cos in the Braeburn Studio during his second season at WTIT.

B.B. Barcard Official WTIT DJ Staff Pic 1986

B.B.'s first year at WTIT. B.B. took Gregarious Greg's spot in the lineup and recorded through 1989.