Thursday, October 3, 1985

Cos' First WTIT DJ Staff Pic 1985

In the Braeburn Studio.

Bud Weiser 1985

Some years we took a lot of pictures. In the 80's we took "Official Staff Pictures". This is Bud Weiser's "Official" 1985 pic. 1985 would begin what we now call "The Modern Era" of WTIT. The first tape of 1985 was Tape 138. It featured three of the original five DJs: Bud Weiser, Johnnie Walker and Bouncing Billy. We introduced The Cosmic Commando that night. It would be Billy's final Tape Radio show and Cos would become a regular for over five years. Billy appeared on tapes 0-138, from 1967 to 1985. Cos appeared on tapes from 1985 to 1997.

Johnnie Walker 1985

Johnnie Walker is in The Braeburn Studio,
WTIT's home from 1983-1990.

Wednesday, April 3, 1985

Buffalo Bud Weiser 1985

In the eighties, Bud and his first wife took the kids to "Santa's Land" quite often in Vermont. When "Buffalo Bud" saw this buffalo, his wife insisted on this shot.