Tuesday, October 3, 1989

The WTIT Myrtle Beach Golf Trip in 1989

In 1989, DJs: The Cosmic Commando, Bud Weiser, & Johnnie Walker with Scott Driscol (in cart)

An "Outtake" of the WTIT 1989 DJ Staff pic.

Top row: Rock Rolling, Mic Dry (whom replaced B.B. Bacardi), The Cosmic Commando Seated: Bud Weiser and Johnnie Walker.

Bud Weiser and Rock Rolling 1989

In the Braeburn Studio.

Mic Dry 1989

Mic replaced B.B. Barcardi in 1989. Mic recorded for a year at WTIT. The Midnight Plowboy would replace Mic's empty chair in 1992.