Friday, August 3, 2012

WTIT Looks at The Olympics

When WTIT Tape Radio began, the guys recorded four or five times a week. We were in high school with time on our hands. Even when we had parties or dates, we'd interview our girlfriends. In fact, one time our girlfriends recorded a show totally without us. Bud's appeared as Sally Weiser, Johnnie's was Carol Walker, Gary's was Jill Townsend and Gypsie's was Sue Grillo. All our tapes still exist. We thought when we went off to college that we'd "outgrow" it. We did our first "Last Tape Show" in August of 1969.

As soon as we had a semester breaks, we were back at it. We'd record four days a week before we headed back. After college, we knew we'd never stop. Bud got married and the WTIT Studio moved for the first time. Recording became less regular, but still happened.

By 1985, we were back to weekly. First at The Braeburn Studio during Bud's first marriage, and through the end of his second marriage at The Turnbull Studio. Since then, it's a three or four times a year adventure. Bud (for reasons only he could explain) is getting married again. Kathy and Bud bought a home and Studio 33 1/3 was born. Rock Rolling, Johnnie Walker and Bud Weiser christened the studio earlier this year. Bud is on vacation and Johnnie is in town visiting. These picks are from last night's session that included WTIT Earwitness News report on the Olympics. Both decided women's beach volleyball is their favorite. They do not even understand the scoring. They know that there's a net involved and a ball. The rest is about watching these fine female athletes compete. Their favorite team? The blonde one. Here's the photos from last night. we will post the bit, later on.
We also still have our vinyl.

The wall of yearly pics Bud references.

Johnnie cooked a New England Clam Bake.

Bud looks to dig in.
Johnnie's a wise man.
Johnnie pointing out that we are recording Tape 572.

Johnnie pondering our bit. WTIT Olympic Coverage.
Bud at the computer controls. WTIT last used actual tape in January 2000.
The wall of yearly photos from another angle.