Tuesday, July 7, 1970

Carter B. 1970

Carter's DJ staff picture from 1970. The book is "The Strawberry Statement".

Johnnie with "Chuck's Gonna Sing It"

During the summer of 1970, Johnnie Walker brought home a friend from the college he attended in Florida. His name was Chuck. We called him "Chuck's Gonna Sing It" because of the 3 Dog Night album "Live at the Forum". At the begining of the song "One", a member states "Here's a song and Chuck's Gonna Sing It". Chuck sat in on all the WTIT recordings that summer, but did not utter a word. Chuck's contribution (& it was major) was to be as a photographer. All the black & white photos of the orginal five members, that summer, were shot by Chuck's Gonna Sing It. Thanks Chuck!

Hunt Winklee 1970

Hunt was part of the Kingswood DJs who taped at WTIT in the late 60's and early 70's. He was most famous for his cabin.