Sunday, November 5, 1989

Bud Weiser & Hunt Winklee 1989

Bud & Hunt hooked up at their Kingswood 20th Reunion. This photo was shot afterwards, in the Braeburn Studio.

Tuesday, October 3, 1989

The WTIT Myrtle Beach Golf Trip in 1989

In 1989, DJs: The Cosmic Commando, Bud Weiser, & Johnnie Walker with Scott Driscol (in cart)

An "Outtake" of the WTIT 1989 DJ Staff pic.

Top row: Rock Rolling, Mic Dry (whom replaced B.B. Bacardi), The Cosmic Commando Seated: Bud Weiser and Johnnie Walker.

Bud Weiser and Rock Rolling 1989

In the Braeburn Studio.

Mic Dry 1989

Mic replaced B.B. Barcardi in 1989. Mic recorded for a year at WTIT. The Midnight Plowboy would replace Mic's empty chair in 1992.

Sunday, August 13, 1989

Bud Weiser in the Braeburn Studio 1989

The last year of the Braeburn Studio, Bud's Official 1989 DJ Staff pic.

Cosmic Commando's Official 1989 WTIT DJ Staff Pic

This was Cos' last year as a full time DJ. Cos has returned quite a few times including Tape 400 in 1990 and the 30th Anniversary Party in 1997.

Monday, April 3, 1989

The Myrtle Beach Golf Trip 1989

From left: The Cosmic Commando, Bud Weiser, Johnnie Walker and guest Scott Driscoll. A GREAT Vacation... (from the little we remember) We recorded a WTIT show from our hotel room. It can heard on WTIT Tape 340.