Wednesday, December 10, 2008

WTIT DJ Staff Pic 2008

Bud Weiser and Harvey Wallbanger
By 2008, WTIT's main comedy focus had become WTIT Tape Radio: The Blog. Harvey contributed with Bud as both a sounding board and a "foil" during those WTIT: The Blog years. (Update 2014: since then...fortunately, we're back recording. In the last year or so, Billy (after 28 years), Greg (after 6 years), Harvey (after 16 years) Midnight (after 17 years) & Galloping Gary (after 32 years) have returned to record at WTIT Studio 33 1/3.)  The 2008 DJ photo from creation through execution was completely Harvey's. Harvey is an artist who is equally comfortable with photography as he is with oil painting. Against our initial wishes, Harvey finally connected our call letters to female anatomy in the 2008 DJ pic from 2008. Hey, we were 15 in 1967. Truly the letters were inspired more from WTIC (the top, overall station) & WDRC (our favorite rock station) the Big D. So we became WTIT, the Big T. Bud and Bouncing Billy recorded our first show. (And as we edit this post, & most recently recorded our most recent.) When Bud first saw this he said, "We've manage to escape these letters for over 40 years, why would you do this? Harvey smirked at Bud and stated, "Because I can." Bud started laughing and Harvey continued, "You, and now me, have avoided it all this time. Just this time: let's embrace it, just once." Bud smiled. We're not marketing anything. We've got some exposure on Facebook with 103 fans, a tweeter (@wtit) account, and big blog exposure on Sunday's most popular (nearly 500 members) Meme/Survey feature. We do should have a book on the way and more surprises.