Saturday, August 13, 1988

Rock Rolling Gets Serious 1988

Rock in the Braeburn Studio.

Rock Rolling 1988

Rock's Official 1982 DJ Staff photo. It was shot in the Braeburn Studio.

The Midnight Plowboy 1988

The Midnight Plowboy is Rock Rolling's brother and joined the madness of WTIT in 1988. He became full time in 1992 replacing Mic Dry. Midnight recorded at WTIT from 1988-1997. He also appeared on the phone at WTIT's 40th Anniversary Party in 2007 to record with us via a phone line. His most recent appearance was in 2012. Midnight joined WTIT's 45th Anniversary Show on the occasion of Bud's stag before marrying his third wife, Kathy.

1988 WTIT DJ Staff Pic Outtake

From left (standing): Rock Rolling, B.B. Barcardi, Cosmic Commando, Midnight Plowboy (seated): Johnnie Walker

Johnnie's Got Balls 1988

In the Braeburn Studio.

Friday, August 5, 1988

Thursday, March 31, 1988

B.B. Bacardi 1988

B.B.'s Official 1988 WTIT DJ Staff Photo in the Braeburn Studio.

Bud Weiser WTIT DJ Staff Pic 1988

In the Braeburn Studio.

Johnnie Walker WTIT DJ Staff Pic 1988

Johnnie in the Braeburn Studio.

Johnnie Walker in 1988

Johnnie Walker and Bud Weiser are the only two orignal DJs that have navigated all the changes at WTIT. Johnnie joined WTIT in 1968.

Tuesday, February 2, 1988