Monday, March 28, 1994

Top from left: The Midnight Plowboy, Captain Morgan, Harvey Wallbanger, Rock Rolling (seated) Bud Weiser & Johnnie Walker

Thursday, March 3, 1994

Best Photo of the Creative Writing Process

1994 in the Turnbull Studio. From Left: Captain, Harvey and Johnnnie.

Harvey Wallbanger & Johnnie Walker 1994

Harvey (left) & Johnnie in the Turnbull Studio

The Midnight Plowboy, Captain Morgan & Harvey Wallbanger 1994

At the Turnbull Studio in Manchester.

At The Turnbull Studio 1994

From left: Bud Weiser, Midnight Plowboy, Captain Morgan

Not What It Looks Like

Captain Morgan (left) and Harvey Walbanger in the Turnbull Studio in 1994.