Tuesday, January 13, 1987

Moonbeam & Johnnie Dance, Bob Supervises

Teddy Q at the WTIT 20th Anniversary Show

1987 in the Braeburn Studio. B.B. has got his back.

Bob Smirnoff Dances with Moonbeam 1987

At the 20th Anniversary Party in 1987.
To the left is Carter B. while Johnnie Walker
is on the sofa.

Moonbeam, Godzilla & Johnnie 1987

As a surprise during the "20th Anniversary Party" a DJ's wife sent a stripper to the party. Her name was "Moonbeam" and among her dances and moves is this key dance with Godzilla.

Moonbeam with Johnnie Walker 1987

During the 20th Anniversary Show & Party. One of the DJ's wives thought a dancer would be funny at the event.

WTIT's 20th Anniversary Party 1987

From left: B.B. Bacardi, Gregarious Greg, Cosmic Commando

The Braeburn Studio 1987

WTIT has only had two custom built studios. Braeburn was the most recent. WTIT recorded here from 1983-1990.

Moonbeam, Godzilla and Johnnie Walker 1987

At the 20th Anniversary Show and Party.
Godzilla is the one in the middle.

WTIT 20th Anniversary 1987

Standing from left: Teddy Q., Gregarious Greg, Bob Smirnoff, Moonbeam, Carter B., Cosmic Commando, Johnnie Walker. B.B. Barcardi Seated: Bud Weiser