Monday, December 31, 1973

Saturday, October 6, 1973

A Walk in the Park 1973

This is the last picture of the original 5 DJs. From left: Killer Joe, Bouncing Billy, Bud Weiser, Galloping Gary and Johnnie Walker.

Galloping Gary 1973

Galloping Gary at Bud's first wedding.

Tuesday, September 18, 1973

WTIT 1973

        Gypsy Joe, Bouncing Billy, Bud Weiser, Galloping Gary & Johnnie Walker

Monday, August 13, 1973

Johnnie Walker and Bouncing Billy 1973

This shot was taken at a WTIT party during the summer of 1973. In the fall, they left to tour the country together. Billy returned and Johnnie stayed in Colorado for quite a while.

Friday, August 3, 1973

Bud Weiser & Ed Scarborough 1973

Bud was a DJ at WILI and Ed at WDRC (as Ed Mitchell) when this photo was taken. Ed became the "voice" of WTIT (program aids & show openers) in 1973. Rod Allen had moved to Alaska, although most of his announcing work stayed with WTIT through the eighties. Bud also asked Ed to cut openers & aids for WILI. Bud had no idea if the station would use Ed's recorded promos, but thhe management loved them. At that particular time WILI & WTIT sounded a lot alike.

Saturday, March 31, 1973

Michael J & Bouncing Billy 1973

At the 100th Tape party at WTIT. Mike (left) voiced a lot of WTIT promos & Program Aids. At the Tape 100 party Michael J with Bouncing Billy.

Bud Weiser Recording in Simsbury 1973

Rod Ewing of WDRC introduced Bud Weiser to a guy named Al Conrad. Al also had a Tape Radio station. Al had a state-of-the-art recording studio. Two of WTIT's announcers (Rod Ewing and Ed Scarborough, both of WDRC) recorded a lot of show openers and program aids in the WNR studio in Simsbury. Bud, Gary and Billy recorded WTIT's year end Countdown show's of the years top music for several years at Al's studio. While Al never appeared on WTIT, Al asked Bud to do two versions of the year end Countdown 1973, one for WTIT and one for WNR. We haven't hear from Al since the late 80's, but he has had a professional recording studio for years in Hartford.

Miles & Sally at the Tape 100 Show & Party 1973

This was Miles' first recording at WTIT. Normally we do not "debut" a DJ at a WTIT Event. The only other time has happened was on Tape 500, Harvey Walbanger's debut. Sally was Miles' first wife and they met at a WTIT party.

WTIT DJ Staff 1974

From left: Many Miles, Gregarious Greg, Bouncing Billy and Bud Weiser.

WTIT Tape 100 Show & Party 1973

From left: Sue, Michael J., Bouncing Billy

Killer Joe and the Cake at Tape 100

March 1973 in the Soby Drive Studio.

Saturday, February 3, 1973

Bud Weiser 1973

In the Glastonbury Studio.