Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Formal 45th Anniversary Shots (at the wedding)

We've done this pose since our first photo shoot in 1970. It's "Rubber Soul". We did it again for our 20th and 25th Anniversaries, and here again on our 45th. From left: The Cosmic Commando (in the 20th also), Galloping Gary (in the original and now here), Rock Rolling (In the 20th & 25th), Bud Weiser (in all), Johnnie Walker (in all) and The Midnight Plowboy (In the 25th and now here.
We did our first Abbey Road shot in 1970. We crossed Soby Drive, where our first studio was located. Here we are again, this time on Susan Circle (home of our current studio) but through the magic of photo shop, our photographer placed us on the real Abbey Road. From right: the first three DJs appeared in this order in the original shot. Bud Weiser followed by Galloping Gary and Johnnie Walker. Cos is next, followed by Rock & Midnight.

Here it is again, but while the photo at the top of the this post might change at some point, here's the original color photo on 20 October 2012. Shot in our latest studio, WTIT Studio 33 1/3. Standing Johnnie Walker and Bud Weiser. Seated from left: Rock ,Cos, Gary &Midnight .

The same pic from above, in B&W.

In sepia.

Before he put us in England!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

WTIT Celebrates Our 45th! (At Bud's Stag)

Midnight returns after 17 years! (far right)

Bud Weiser, Johnnie Walker, Rock Rolling & The Midnight Plowboy

Kathy thought we were The Monkees.