Sunday, November 10, 1974

The Only Door We Had With Our Logo

The only WTIT Studio that was tacky enough to put their logo on the door. It was The Edgewood Studio (West Hartford) in 1974. It was a tiny cramped studio. We were only there 6 months. Our next studio, The Maplewood Studio did not even have a door. Much as out current digital studio, we took the door off to allow Bud's man-cave to extend from our den took a lit of work from both Kathy and all including Gary Townsend,

Sunday, October 13, 1974


Bouncing Billy, Many Miles, Bud Weiser & Gregarious Greg

Thursday, September 19, 1974

The Edgemere Studio 1974

Home of WTIT Tape Radio from 1974-1975. DJs that recorded were Johnnie Walker, Gregarious Greg, Bouncing Billy, Galloping Gary and Bud Weiser.

Bud Weiser & Many Miles 1974

After Bud's first wedding in 1973, Johnnie Walker moved to Colorado. Many Miles took his place. After getting married, Miles moved to Atlanta. Ironicly, it was Johnnie Walker who took his place in 1976. Johnnie never left WTIT again.

Sunday, June 23, 1974

Bud Weiser and Ed Scarborough 1974

At the Al Conrad studio in Simsbury. Ed was currently at WDRC, Bud at WILI.

Sunday, January 13, 1974

Bouncing Billy's Official DJ Staff Pic 1974

Billy in the Glastonbury Studio. WTIT's home in 1973-1974.