Thursday, August 13, 1970

Bull Durham, Bouncing Billy & Johnnie Walker

1970. The picture has a second exposure that is Teddy Q.

Killer Joe 1970: Give Peace a Chance

The View from the Balcony 1970

WTIT Worldwide Headquarters aka/My House. Maybe the only time this balcony was used.

Killer Joe at Work 1970

The majority of the photos of the original DJs at WTIT were taken in black & white in 1970. Galloping Gary took most of the pictures, since it was his film and camera. Killer Joe was trying to do his job when Gary approached.

Teddy Q. 1970

Teddy Q. is another of the Kingswood DJs. He recorded on WTIT in the late 60's & early 70's. Ted returned for both our "10th Year Party" in 1976 and WTIT's 20th Anniversary Party in 1987.

WTIT DJs Ride the Budmobile 1970

The Original Five DJs: Bouncing Billy, Killer Joe, Galloping Gary, Bud Weiser & Johnnie Walker

Galloping Gary 1970

WTIT: Putting Our Heads Together 1970

Johnnie Walker
Bouncing Billy Bud Weiser
Galloping Gary Killer Joe

Bull Durham in 1970

Bull Durham was one of the DJs I met at Kingswood School. Our WTIT Blog has the story of how I wound up at that school. Click here for the story.

"Not Abbey Road" Outtake 1970

It took a lot of attempts before we got this shot the way we wanted it. Gary knew we had screwed it up already and was pointing out the mistake. This shot is more commonly used because the serious shot, as you'll see is damaged.

Bud Weiser 1970

Bud in the Soby Drive Studio. The reel-to-reel tape deck was actually Johnnie Walker's because WTIT's was on the fritz. The mono tape deck, behind Bud, was WTIT's first recorder. By 1970, we used it for jingles. Today, everything is on one computer. We haven't recorded on an actual tape, since 2000.

Gary on Guitar 1970

Galloping Gary on his guitar, the double exposure has Bouncing Billy appearing to be behind Gary.

WTIT DJ Staff 1970

This is the actual photo taken in 1970. The version in our "Year by Year" Photo Gallery is enhanced through air brushing. From left: Johnnie Walker, Galloping Gary, Bud Weiser, Bouncing Billy, Killer Joe

Not Abbey Road 1970

Across from the Soby Drive Studio, WTIT in 1970 mimicks the "Abbey Road" album. From left: Joe, Billy Johnnie, Gary & Bud

Bud Weiser Sitting on Joe's VW 1970

On the day we took the WTIT DJ first staff photo shoot. As previously noted, most of the shoot was photographed by Johnnie's college buddy, Chuck. We worked a lot of hours. Toward dusk on a day in the summer of 1970. Bud Weiser was taking a "smoking" break toward the end of the day's photo sessions.