Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Night that Gypsy Reappeared

from left: Bud, Gypsy, Johnnie & Billy

This was something even a few years ago we'd thought we'd never see. The original five DJs at WTIT were Bud, Johnnie (Who have recorded together for over 45 years) Gary, Billy & Gypsy. Gary moved to DC and Gyps went off to the Navy. Last fall, Bud contacted Billy that led not only to a great time, but his return to WTIT. At Billy's urging, we had to visit Gyps, who was a career caddie on the PGA tour, has since retired and moved back to town. Last night, for the first time since 1973 we all got together. We invited Gary, but he was at a wedding in Colorado. Gyps was the most gracious host. He made delicious food and his company was even better. We took a bunch of selfies, and thanks to Bud's wife Kathy (a professional photographer) to mix a couplke together for this result. So since the first time since the early 70s, here is (from left) Bud, Gypsy, Johnnie & Billy!

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