Saturday, March 31, 1973

Bud Weiser Recording in Simsbury 1973

Rod Ewing of WDRC introduced Bud Weiser to a guy named Al Conrad. Al also had a Tape Radio station. Al had a state-of-the-art recording studio. Two of WTIT's announcers (Rod Ewing and Ed Scarborough, both of WDRC) recorded a lot of show openers and program aids in the WNR studio in Simsbury. Bud, Gary and Billy recorded WTIT's year end Countdown show's of the years top music for several years at Al's studio. While Al never appeared on WTIT, Al asked Bud to do two versions of the year end Countdown 1973, one for WTIT and one for WNR. We haven't hear from Al since the late 80's, but he has had a professional recording studio for years in Hartford.

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